Map animation is the art of adding motion to cartographic layers to show time-based locational differences. OutrageGIS can synthesize most image and audio data into an animation sequence to use on the web, multimedia and broadcast.

• Mountain Communities Kenya-Tennessee | 2005
Split-Screen HD Animation

View animation

• At Leisure's Edge | 2001

View the trailer for this 1-hour Documentary

• Kentucky's US Highway 60 (quicktime movs)

Drive on US 60, from Ashland to Paducah
Sun Over Curved Kentucky
Western Kentucky

• Segregated Parks (quicktime movs)

Cherokee State Resort Park
Chickasaw Park, Louisville

• Kentucky's Cumberlands | 1999 (movs & gifs)

Kentucky Coal Mining Museum
A Pine Mountain Heritage Trail
Lynch's Historic Commissary

• United States Demography | 1998 (gifs)

US Population Growth, 1790-1990

Is Kentucky Safe from a Major Earthquake? (gif)
Kingdom Come Scenic Parkway (mov)
A Sample videoGIS Layer Set (gif)
Map Sequence from Data Future's Informercial (mov)