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A Topographic Trail Guide for the Gap and surrounding areas. Trails are mapped with GPS and aerial photos. Guide shows 3D trail length, 2-km grid, 50-ft contours, elevation profiles, and backcountry amenities. Maps show over 80 miles of trail at 1:32,000 & 1:14,000 scales.
Before pioneer explorers crossed the Gap, Native Americans were using the pass for millennia. Today, hikers can visit the same historic locations.

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Cumberland Gap GPS Waypoint Data

AudioListen to Cumberland Gap Banjo by Rich Kirby, recorded 2003.
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Listen to Cumberland Gap by Lee Sexton, recorded 2000.
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Listen to Cumberland Gap by Morgan Sexton, recorded 1992.
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Audio is important to mapping. When you hike for hours and then pour over maps, you need music and interviews that compliment the geography.

Cumberland Gap switched hands four times during the Civil War. A old tune called "Cumberland Gap" relates the tale of a soldier stranded at the Gap after the war. He bemoans how the waters can't clean his face and not a dollar could be made. His only way home was to walk.

Download the free audio driving tour! The tour begins at Cumberland Gap Visitor Center. Our site has the complete audio and map guide for printing and CD burning. The goal of the tour is to stamp your Passport at each of 10 Passport Pit Stops. The Passport is included too!


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2003 Cumberland Gap

by Boyd Shearer Jr.



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