OutrageGIS mapping creates maps for process and spot color print publications and on-screen display in interactive and website uses. Our high-resolution cartographic imagery is developed from aerial photography, on-site GPS collection, digital elevation models, and existing GIS databases.

Since acquiring an offset printing press, we print all hiking and recreation maps "in-house" and "on-spec" and defines many of our design decisions. We design mostly for 2-5 spot color and for 13x18 inch sheet sizes.

Veteran's Park Trail Map Park
PDF map and 2-color print

Big South Fork Trail Guide

Multiple map format. Main s
cales 1:32k and 1:84k
2-Color, 5-color, Process color 13 x 18 inch

Aerial Photography Maps (8 samples)

Demographic Analysis Maps (3 samples, with links to library)

Traditional Cartography
(5 samples)

Hybrid Cartography (6 samples of multimedia projects)

Interactive Maps (page)

Map Animations (page)

GPS-Mapped Field Guides (page)

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