Bike Lexington
: A map of bicycling facilities & preferred routes in Lexington, Kentucky
27" x 39" map at 1:19,800 scale. 1 inch to 3 furlongs. Check your local bike shop for a free, printed version of this map.


Sponsored by

Bluegrass Mobility and Lexington Fayette County Urban County Government


Map created by outrageGIS mapping with GIS data provided by LFUCG. Infographics were courtesy of City of Madison, Wisconsin Traffic Engineering and Information Technology. Updated June, 2013.

Official Map
Official map
, 5 megabytes (June, 2013)


Aerial Photography version of Bike Lexington Map
Online Map
, in development (July, 2013)


Aerial Photography version of Bike Lexington Map
Map with aerial photography
, 37 megabytes (July, 2012)


Book edition of map
Book edition of map
, 25 megabytes (July, 2012)


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