The Story

outrageGIS mapping began in 1997. Our trail maps are done 'on spec' and funded completely from map sales. We have mapped over 1,330 miles of park trails and have published numerous guides and maps that are distributed nationally. Our parks are scenic and historical treasures so we must leave no trace when we enjoy them. We like to think that our maps help you get lost in nature.


We offer custom GPS, GIS, and cartographic services and operate a full printing studio for offset, oversized maps and small book publishing. We actively promote the development of hiking and multi-use trails in the Bluegrass and beyond. It is on the trail, in exploration, do we find ourselves.

The Map

  • A map is an artistic rendering of Earth.
  • A map is a measurement of our use, expectations, and hazards of our environment.
  • A map is a tool for remembering the familiar and navigating the unknown.
  • A cartographer renders earth in maps.
Any man that walks the mead
In bud, or blade, or bloom, may find
A meaning suited to his mind.
-Alfred Tennyson


We Can Make Your Map

We are an independent developer and publisher of map products for tourism, publishing, E911 services, search and rescue, natural resource management, and recreational uses. While we focus on public areas, we have made maps for a diverse range of clients and purposes. Contact us to discuss your project.


Selected List of Clients

Backpacker Magazine, Berea College, Filson Club, Kentucky Bar Association, Gyula Pauer Center for Cartography & GIS, U.S. National Park Service, U.S. National Forest Service, WKYT, Sportvision, Dos Vatos Productions, Kentucky Rails-to-Trails, Dry Stone Conservancy, The National Park Conservation Association, and the Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association (SEKTDA).

The Team

Boyd Shearer Jr.

GIS, GPS, Design & Cartography

Boyd started outrageGIS mapping while working as a cartographer for the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center, where he mapped the social, environmental, and economic conditions of Appalachia. He has published original research on historic parks in Kentucky and has GPS mapped hundreds of miles of recreational trail. He is dedicated to making maps for our national parks and forests. He is an instructor of physical geography & GIS with a research focus in: developing trail difficulty metrics, making 3D maps, and creating real-time park weather maps.

John Thompson

GPS, Production & Publishing

John operates and manages outrageGIS mapping's offset print studio. As a long-time manager of various print shops, he understands production from layout to pre-press to finishing. When he's not printing, he is chef and caterer extraordinaire.

Our Hike Hounds

Jake Iser, Elmer, Eddie Thompson, Serendipity (Dip), Pixel of course, Jake Anderson, Luke Sargent, Poco Reigert, Isabella Hirschowitz, young Libby, young Gibby, good ol Chuco, Sally O'Mally, and Tula (in order of appearance)

Past Interns & Contributors

Mr. Alex Thor - The cartographic hammer on Big South Fork, Cumberland Falls, and Veteran's Park trails

Mr. David Wagner - Cartographic excellence on Cave Run

Ms. Stacey Turnage - Consumer GPS use in GeoCaching

Porter Jarrard - Cartography and GPS

Ari Luis Palos - Videography

Go Explore!

Our Favorite Hikes

Drafts of Cumberland Gap map

Map packaging artwork

We’ve been hard at work finishing our trail map for the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and surrounding area. This project is an update of our first Gap trail map. We’re hoping to have the maps in stock by Memorial Day, 2017.

Our new map is on a larger sheet size (39...

Our Blog

Map of maps

Testing a post about maps.

Enlarge map

Our Clients' Maps

Woodland Art Fair time!

Come down to the Kentucky Art Market and Woodland Art Fair this Saturday and Sunday,  August 17 and 18, 2019. We have new t-shirts of the Red River Gorge.

The fair runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., or thereabouts.

Our booth location and coordinates are shown on the below map. We’ll be bet...

Recent Photographs & Maps

Summer trails

Summer trails Red River Gorge, Daniel Boone National Forest

Map of Crunk 'n Bible Studies

Map of Crunk 'n Bible Studies The goal was to determine the mood of a county’s population, w...