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This is the Red River Gorge National Geological Area and Wild and Scenic River. Enjoy ruby flushed sunsets sweeping through hemlocks and fresh rhododendron blooms as you hike through murals of eroded sandstone. Our maps take you there.


At a scale of one inch to a quarter mile, our trail map is perfect for backpack camping and craggy, scenic exploration. 

Welcome to the Red River Gorge trails! Explore with a Bird's Eye View (requires Flash)
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Grand sandstone arches tower over cool, secluded valleys of rhododendron and hemlock.

Red River Gorge Backpacking Guide

A topographic trail map at 1:15,840 scale with 50-ft contours, GPS grid, elevation profiles, and GPS mapped backcountry trails.


Places You'll Visit 
Natural Bridge - Tunnel Ridge - Chimney Top - Sky Bridge - Rock Bridge - Swift Camp Creek - The Rough - The Sheltowee - Funkrock City - Long Wall - Tower Rock - Auxier Ridge - Whittleton Arch - Fat Man's Misery - Castle Arch - Star Gap Arch - Half Moon Arch - Moonshriner's Arch - Copperas Creek - and many more....

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Our Favorite Hikes

Power Loop Hike

Hiker Red River Gorge Backpacking Map
Distance: 9.3 Miles loop
Difficulty: +++
Scenic Views: ++
Elevation Relief: 500ft ^^^^
Ownership: Daniel Boone National Forest, USFS

Red River Gorge Backpacking Map: $14

The Power Loop Hike…need more explanation? This favorite 9.25 mile loop has 4 ‘ups’ o...

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