Trail Map Contents 

This collection of maps is more than backcountry trail map.


  • 1:31,640 scale GPS trail map of the park with 50-foot elevation contours and GPS grids.
    two full-color, double-sided sheets at 13.5" x 19.25"
  • Unique trail elevation profiles for the park that show popular loop and long-distance hikes.
  • Detailed inset maps for trails around Lincoln Memorial University, Wildnerness Road Campground, and Hensley Settlement.
  • Kingdom Come Adventure Guide is a map booklet for Benham and Lynch and Kingdom Come Scenic Parkway. These areas are about one hour north of Cumberland Gap on Pine Mountain.
    one full-color, eight-page booklet at 8.5" x 11"


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Trails of the Park

Explore Cumberland Gap
Navigate the Gap with this custom interactive map
(in development)
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Music of the Gap

Listen to Cumberland Gap Banjo
by Rich Kirby, recorded 2003.
(800k .mp3 file)


Listen to Cumberland Gap
by Lee Sexton, recorded 2000.
(1m.mp3 file) for full song visit


Listen to Cumberland Gap
by Morgan Sexton, recorded 1992.
(1m .mp3 file) for full song visit


Cumberland Gap switched hands four times during the Civil War. A old tune called "Cumberland Gap" relates the tale of a soldier stranded at the Gap after the war. He bemoans how the waters can't clean his face and not a dollar could be made. His only way home was to walk.

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A trail map and elevation profiles that would even impress Daniel Boone.

A unique set of maps and trail information for your next high mountain adventure into the first frontier.

Bird's Eye View of Cumberland Gap

Explore Cumberland Gap
Explore Cumberland Gap with an interactive 3D map


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First Frontier Audio Driving Tour

Find more stories about the first frontier on SoundCloud:
Part I | Part II

The First Frontier Audio Driving Tour can be downloaded at

mp3 audio and map pdf, 220 Mb


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Historic readings on mountain life

The Anglo-Saxons of the Kentucky mountains, by Ellen Churchill Semple, 1910.

Our Southern Highlanders, by Horace Kephart, 1913.

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Our Favorite Hikes

Ridge Trail at Cumberland Gap NHP

Buy this mapHiker Hiker Cumberland Gap Map
Distance: 16 Miles round-trip from the Civic Park trailhead at Ewing
Difficulty: +++
Scenic Views: ++++
Elevation Relief: 2,000ft ^^
Ownership: Cumberland Gap, NPS

Cumberland Gap Trail Map: $14

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2016 Cumberland Gap trail map, hiking information

2016 Cumberland Gap trail map and hiking information

The update to our Cumberland Gap Natio...

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