Interactive 3d map using Leaflet

Interactive 3d map using Leaflet

A bird’s eye view map of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park created in conjunction with our 2016 new release of the park map. This map is not georeferenced to real-world coordinates and uses a javascript mapping library, Leaflet, to generate the interactivity. We think of the developing project as a gateway for multimedia about the park’s environment and history that we want to share.


Students in NRE 355 (a GIS calass at the University of Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences program) visited the 740-acre Pilot Knob State Nature Preserve on September 21, 2016, and used mobile devices to collect GPS data for the existing trail network. They mapped approximately 3.2 miles of trail then used ArcGIS and CARTO to measure the trails and create a 2D map and 3D visualizations of the nature preserve. Students then created websites to showcase their work. contains maps, animations, and links to student pages.

3D views and animations of Pilot Knob State Nature Preserve

3D views and animations of Pilot Knob State Nature Preserve

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If you’re planning on hiking in the Daniel Boone NF, Great Smoky Mountains NP, Cumberland Gap NHP, or in Kentucky state parks, we might have a map and digital geodata for you. Check out our shop for maps and data you can purchase online.


Looking for a weekend in the woods, alone and untroubled by maintaining your social media landscape? Consider wandering into a landscape of sandstone cliffs, river fords, and bear in the Big South Fork.

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  1. Is there a wall map of Sheltowee I wold love to have one. The new map is excellent !!

    • Hey thanks, Paul! We don’t have a wall map exactly. We have just unfolded sheets of the map. If we put the map at it’s current scale on the wall, it would be 25 feet tall.

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