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Welcome to Pixel's Travels, a photo journal of great places to hike. Pixel is a Plott hound and all of his friends like to hike. That's why we call it Pixel's Travels. Check out Pixel's buddies. The first photograph was posted on January 10, 2004. Pixel was born on June 21, 2003 and he passed on September 10, 2018. His long excursions into the deep woods will always be remembered. As photo gallery technology has evolved, we have found it necessary to skip around various platforms to publish our images.

Photos from Jan 2004:

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Pixel's first photograph submission January 10, 2004

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#stargate   Instagram

Camp Nelson

Camp Nelson   Instagram

Six feet

Six feet   Instagram

Jump rock

Jump rock   Instagram

Pine bottoms

Pine bottoms   Instagram

Chimeny Top Creek valley

Chimeny Top Creek valley   Instagram

Waverly Hills sanitorium

Waverly Hills sanitorium   Instagram

Dual personalities

Dual personalities   Instagram


Sunset   Instagram

Ona in spring

Ona in spring   Instagram

Summer fair time

Summer fair time   Instagram

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Norris Watershed Trail Map
Norris Watershed Trail Map

Norris Watershed Trail Map

Over the past year, we’ve refined a trail map for the City of Norris, Tennessee. The Norris Watershed Trail Map is probably printed by now and offers GPS mapped trails and mountain biking opportunities. The WPA era dam is pretty cool, too.

Additional photographs of th...

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Woodland Art Fair: maps for sale!

Please join us for our 17th year at the Woodland Art Fair. New to the fair this year is our Sheltowee Trace map set. We will have reduced prices for our popular map laminations and t-shirts, while they last!

To find us, walk to the Kentucky state icon on the following map:

Our map booth in Kentucky

Our Clients' Maps

Lexington Neighborhood Tree Canopy Study
Class mapping project

Web page for student maps

NRE 355, Introduction to Geospatial Applications for Land Analysis, is a class at the University of Kentucky (UK) that uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to study our environment. Every year NRE 355 constructs various maps centered around an ...

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Kentucky Population density...

Kentucky Population density, 2020 Census with selected racial demographics by Block Group Map:

Cumberland Gap, ridge and v...

Cumberland Gap, ridge and valley, and impact crater The interesting physiography of southeastern Kentucky and southw...