outrageGIS mapping began in 1997. Our trail maps are done 'on spec' and funded completely from map sales. We have mapped over 730 miles of park trails and have published 8 guides.

We are an independent publisher of map products for E911 services, search and rescue, natural resource management, tourism, and recreational uses.

We offer custom GPS, GIS, and cartographic services. We operate a full printing studio for offset, oversized maps and small book publishing.


Measurement scales, grids, and graticules for our printed map titles. Print them at home and use them in the woods to more precisely locate yourself with a GPS unit set to DD MM.MMM, on a UTM grid, or just measure linear distance.

Remember, don't rescale these pdfs when you print them.

Big South Fork Trail Guide
1:32k | 1:84k | 1:127k scales used in guide

Cumberland Gap National Park Trail Guide
1:32k scale used in guide

Cave Run Lake Trail Guide
1:18k scale used in guide

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Trail Guide
1:97k scale used in guide

Red River Gorge Backpacking and Camping Guide
1:12k scale used in guide

Red River Gorge Sports Map
1:36k scale used in guide


Big South Fork :: Cumberland Gap :: Cave Run Lake :: Red River Gorge :: Jefferson Memorial Forest :: Pine Mountain Trail

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