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A 354-mile backcountry trail that spans the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Big South Fork National Recreation River and Recreation Area. Updated September 2020.

Trail markers
Trails signs of the Trace

Connecting trails are shown with mileage to help plan great section hikes and loop trips. Official trails are shown for the the Daniel Boone National Forest and Big South Fork. This map is essential for any exploration of the ST, whether it is for a thru hike or a day hike.


Current web map
We host an interactive web map that users with mobile devices and a data connection can use to locate themselves on the Trace via GPS. Our online map is keyed with our printed map, so they can work together in field. Visit sheltoweetrace.com/hike on your mobile device.


Web map

interactive web map View an interactive online map

Our maps contain official trails in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Big South Fork NRRA, and the state resort parks at Cumberland Falls and Natural Bridge. It shows recreation areas, campgrounds, trailheads, and scenic areas. Read our blog for the Sheltowee Trace.


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Sheltowee, or Big Turtle, was Daniel Boone's name in his 1778 Shawnee family.

Topographic maps at 1:31,680 scale with 50-ft contours, trail mile markers, GPS grids, and detailed hiking info in a rich, full-color 19" x 27" page size folded down to 5" x 7". Lamination waterproofing available via our custom heat press method.

Big South Fork

Our south map now contains the official trail network for the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. It replaces the older John Muir Trail in the Big South Fork map.


Places to Visit 
Northern Terminus - New Morehead Reroute - Eagle Lake - Rodburn Hollow - Amburgy Rocks - Four Fingers - Cave Run Lake - Clear Creek - Corner Ridge - Clifty Wilderness - Red River Gorge - Natural Bridge State Resort Park - Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve - Turkey Foot - McKee - S-Tree - Horse Lick Creek - Hawk Creek - Rockcastle Narrows - Bee Rock - Cane Creek WMA - Laurel Lake - Mouth of Laurel - Cumberland River - Cumberland Falls State Resort Park - Barren Fork - Yahoo Falls Scenic Area - Big South Fork - Blue Heron - Scuttlehole - Charit Creek - Pilot Wines and Big Island - Station Camp Creek - Rock Creek - Leatherwood Ford - John Muir Trail - Twin Arches - Litton and Blevins Farms - No Business Creek - Honey Creek - Burnt Mill Bridge

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Vew images of maps for the Sheltowee Trace

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Current weather maps and data for the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Weather maps and data for DBNF

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Our Favorite Hikes

Furnace Arch, Sheltowee Trace

aalCave Run Lake Trail Guide
Distance: 6 Miles round-trip from trailhead
Difficulty: ++
Scenic Views: +++
Elevation Relief: 500ft ^
Ownership: Daniel Boone NF, USFS

Sheltowee Trace North Trail Map

Hiker Hiker Hiker

Imagine the scene around Clear Creek Iron Furnace in the 1830’s, the trailhead for this hike...

Our Sheltowee Trace Blog

A simple GPS tool for the phone

If you visit this site often, you likely have a favorite map app on your phone. I certainly do an...

Sheltowee Trace elevation profile

Working on the 2020 update of the Sheltowee Trace maps using high-resolution DEMs derived from li...

Woodland Art Fair time!

Come down to the Kentucky Art Market and Woodland Art Fair this Saturday and Sunday,  August 1...

Our Clients' Maps

A simple GPS tool for the phone

If you visit this site often, you likely have a favorite map app on your phone. I certainly do and I have installed dozens of apps over the years. ...

Experimenting with Geolocation API

We have a lot of great raster base map services available in Kentucky and I wanted to access them for my current location when I use my mobile devi...

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Activities in the great outdoors of Kentucky and beyond, focusing mainly on the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Big South Fork.
Current Weather Conditions

Cave Run Lake

33.6F, Clear - 2:20 PM EST Mar. 6

Red River Gorge

30.9F, Clear - 2:20 PM EST Mar. 6

Turkey Foot

31.9F, Clear - 2:19 PM EST Mar. 6

Laurel Lake

34.3F, Clear - 2:19 PM EST Mar. 6

Big South Fork

30.3F, Clear - 1:15 PM CST Mar. 6