Waypoints in the Great Smoky Mountains

Manual CoverHiker Great Smoky Mountains GPS Data Pack
Waypoints & track GPX data for trails, trail intersections, backcountry camps, summits, gaps, and many other locations for backcountry navigation.
Download: 36 megabyte
Format: GPX & PDF
Pieces: Map Guide, GPS Manual, Gazetteer, Data
Ownership: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NPS

Great Smoky Mountains GPS Data Pack: $6

Our data pack contains 16 GPX files, companion gazetteer, and historic topographic map with 1-minute GPS grid. The product is offered only as a 36 megabyte download, which includes all documentation, maps, and data. Buyers have free access to new releases and updates.
Track data

GPX files for trails (as tracks) and waypoints for all trail intersections, backcountry camps, summits, gaps, recreational & historic destinations, populated places, stream heads, cemeteries & churches, schools, and valleys, coves, & springs. Summits, camps, intersections, and gaps have spot elevation in label.

Gazetteer & GPS Manual. The gazetteer is a list, details, and location of all waypoints. The GPS manual has links to free utilities to upload and manage your data and information about overnighting and weather in the park.

MapHistoric USGS Topographic Map. A 1:125k map created by the US Geological Survey in 1961 is tiled onto a letter-sized mapbook for easy printing. The map is augmented with a 1-minute GPS grid to use with the gazetteer and for location assistance while hiking.


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