Big South Fork in Early Fall

The first weekend of the October saw us in the Big South Fork country enjoying a dramatic change in weather. The first day was warm and sunny, but as evening set, the winds increased and rustled the treetops throughout the night. The morning was overcast, mild, and as we began our descent into the Big South Fork at Blue Heron, the sky thickened into sweeping rolls of stratocumulus clouds.

Before arriving at Blue Heron, we heard the train whistle through the valley as it made the slow trip to the restored mining camp. Bypassing many tourists exploring the open air museum, we crossed the tram bridge across the river and made our way to Dick Gap Overlook. The winds were strong at the this exposed overlook and we saw a molted snake skin, dancing in the wind.

We then made our way to south bank of the river to enjoy lunch and fish the river. We timed our ascent to watch the sunset at Devil’s Overlook, where we saw the sun break through the low clouds and illuminate this great bend in the river. Spectacular. Overnight, temperatures dropped into 30s, with clear conditions the following day. Yahoo Falls and Bear Creek Overlook rounded out our explorations.

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