Cranksgiving 2017 map

This map is for Cranksgiving 2017, bicycle competition and food raiser for God’s Pantry Food Bank. I put it online this year since the race had about 5x as many grocery stores. Check out the printed manifest and the mobile map:

Visit at least 3 total stores, but only 1 chain stores

1 sauce/dressing/broth
1 Protein
2 carbs/starches
2 Vegetables
2 Fruit
2 Soup
1 spice salt & pepper

Tienda de Omar, 215 E 7th St
H&M Market, 1220 North Limestone
F & D Market, 589 Elm Tree Ln
Our Market, 201 E 5th St
Supermercados las Nortenas 158 E New Circle
Super Mercado Aguascalientes 459 NW New Circle Rd
PDQ, 460 E New Circle Rd
C&P Market, 1000 Manchester St
Wilson’s Grocery, 1010 Cramer Ave
Good Foods Co-op, 455 Southland Dr

Save A Lot, 1235 N. Broadway
Kroger Northside, 1650 Bryan Station Rd
WalMart@ North Park Marketplace
Aldi, 1509 Colesbury Circle
Kroger on Euclid, 704 Euclid Ave
Lucky’s, 1030 S Broadway
Trader Joe’s, 2326 Nicholasville Rd
Fresh Market, 3387 Tates Creek Rd
Fresh Thyme, 125 East Reynolds Rd
Whole Foods, 161 Lexington Green Circle

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