Pine Mountain Trail Adventure Guide

A series of free downloads to plan and enjoy your next adventure in our Southeastern Kentucky mountains.




A commemorative collection of media and maps that explore the Pine Mountain, Cumberland Gap, and the Kingdom Come Parkway. These are free downloads and cannot be resold.

Pine Mountain PDF map

Pine Mountain Trail

90 megabyte .pdf file.

Download and print this 27-page pdf before your Pine Mountain Trail trek.

This topographic map uses trail information from 2006. This map should be used for reference only.

First Frontier audio tour

First Frontier Audio Driving Tour

220 megabyte .zip file.

Extract the zip file and use your favorite disc burning software to create 2 audio CD-ROMS from the mp3’s. Or use an mp3 player in your car.

An 8-page guidebook shows popular destinations and potential overnight accommodations.

Kingdom Come Parkway history

Kingdom Come Scenic Parkway Multimedia

390 megabytes .zip file.

Extract the zip file and launch the Intro.pdf page. It will link to other maps and movies. Created in 1999.


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