2010 Draft of New Great Smoky Mountains Trail Map

Welcome to our new topographic map of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. At 1:50,000 scale, this will be the most detailed map published of the park. We’ve added a couple new features to help better navigate in this wonderful national park, such as the new official trail system and elevation contours. We’re almost done!

You can check out a public draft here: http://www.outrageGIS.com/grsm/draft and please tell us what you think in the below comments section.

New Features:

  • 1:50,000 scale, which is 140% enlargement of the Trails Illustrated map
  • 100-foot contour interval with 500-foot index contours
  • Canopy cover type indicating deciduous, evergreen, shrub, grass, and open areas
  • 1-minute Geographic coordinate grid for GPS
  • Elevations for trail intersections and other points of interest
  • Mileage shown between trail intersections and campsites
  • Updated official trails and campsites
  • Unique hillshading shows topography clearly


  1. I like it. I don’t get as much trail time as I’d like, but I’m always up for a better map when I do manage the time to go. It’s going on my ‘wish list’.

  2. Hey John, the draft map currently has both UTM and DD MM.MMº grids. The UTM is 10 k grid with 5 k tics with a measure printed on the margins to map precise locations. We’ll probably add more grid lines and tics to help.

  3. I would purchase this map if UTM was the primary grid. Don’t know if you could offer two models of this map (one with DGM and one with UTM) , but I don’t use DGM anymore.


  4. Little Bald in the Great Smokies is between Mt. Squires and Russell Field. Not between Russell and Mollies. There used to be a sign erected at Little Bald. Since the A.T. was rerouted in the ’90s, it no longer crosses Little Bald. You have it mislabeled.

  5. The margins will be filled in with symbols, legend, and trail names/mileages. Since dogs cannot hike the Smokies’ backcountry, we’ll not have many of our doggo portraitos!

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