Great Smokies solar eclipse images and animations

2:45pm looking across Rich Mountain and Cades Cove

For over a decade we’ve collected views from reliable weather web cams to build daily time-lapse animations for the Great Smoky Mountains. We’ve called the project Yesterday in the Great Smokies and offer a daily archive for the past three calendar years.

The August total solar eclipse in the southern Great Smokies offered a great opportunity to showcase some unique images from the archive. 

We use a process of downloading webcam images and creating animated GIFs with a collection of Bash shell scripts. We’ve been collecting weather data for some time. Here’s an example of our June, 2007 weather station on the Wayback Machine:

Magic light in the afternoon from Look Rock.

2:45pm looking across Rich Mountain and Cades Cove

Other images….

Below are some animated GIFs:

The webcam from Look Rock in animated high-definition:

The webcam from Purchase Knob in animated high-definition:

Cold mountain webcam mostly missed the event:

The visible satellite image clearly shows the moon’s shadow

Animated visible satellite showing moon’s shadow

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