New base maps for Sheltowee Trace

Find high-resolution aerial imagery and shaded relief maps for Kentucky (and some for Tennessee) on

Base maps for
Base maps for

We’re adding new base maps for our Sheltowee Trace map. The current maps are:

  • Default map shows a generalized shaded relief, hydrologic features, and public land.
  • Aerial photography shows 2-ft pixel resolution, leaf-off 2019 imagery.
  • Shaded relief (KY) uses KyFromAbove point clouds from 2010s to create a shaded relief detailed enough to show trail and road beds.
  • Topographic (KY) shows the Topographic map series created by the Kentucky Division of Geographic Information.
  • Topographic (Maptiler) displays a modifed Maptiler Outdoors base map. It is a global base map pulled a variety of open-source data. Trail and other information portrayed on this base map is not maintained by outrageGIS mapping. Also, elevation contours can show errors around 100 feet.

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