Map Discovery Night!

This past Thursday evening Boyd ‘mapped-out!’ Lexington’s Living Arts and Science Center’s January Discovery Night. This two-hour monthly event brings in families to learn about topics in science and art and often has a collaborative element.

Boyd focused on making maps of course, but he also discussed some basic ideas of what maps do (e.g., they show where stuff is) and possibilities they give us (e.g., understanding why stuff is where it is). The kids enjoyed seeing early Kentucky maps from 1733 & 1811 and a map of the modern world illuminated at night. They were a wonderful bunch and had bright responses to geography questions. As a bonus, he gave them a bird’s eye view of the Red River Gorge with two great destinations there to visit.

We would like to thank the Center for this opportunity to see the wonder and happiness in children’s eyes as they explored maps! Visit the Center’s site to see more Discovery Night events.

Bike Lexington Map

Draft of the Bike Lex Map

We’ve updated our map of bike lanes and pedestrian paths in Lexington’s urban service area. It is a big map and we’re considering options for release.

Please share any feedback about how we can make this map better.

Visit the map:

Sheltowee Trace Bird’s Eye View Map

Draft of the ST 3D

We have been working on our 3D map of the Sheltowee Trace. This Bird’s Eye View map shows the official forest service trails and recreation areas on a 3D map of the Pottsville Escarpment that separates the rugged Cumberland Plateau with the more rolling Bluegrass and Pennyrile regions.

We encourage you to explore this map give us any feedback. We will probably print portions of the map as insets in the Sheltowee Trace north map on which we are currently working.

Visit the map:

Animated map of Town Branch Trail

This animation was made to accompany a short video that describes Town Branch Trail in Lexington, Kentucky.

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New GPS and PDF maps for the Great Smokies

We are introducing our new map and GPS datapack series for the Great Smoky Mountains. We’ve created an easily printable map for every trail listed in the Great Smoky Mountains Association’s Hiking Trails of the Smokies, the brown book, also known as the “Hikers’ Brown Bible.”

Our maps show forest canopy cover, trail intersection elevations, and mileage between intersections & backcountry campsites, all at 1:50,000 scale. Our GPS data is the most detailed and current data available. We’ve structured the GPX file so you can easily select your hike and save it to your mobile device or GPS unit. Our maps are offered as a printable, 8×10 PDF file with each page centered on the listed hike. Print your maps and save them to your mobile device, but never worry about losing or damaging your map again!

Currently we are offering two regions, Cades Cove and Cosby & Greenbrier.

Trails in the Cades Cove region: Abrams Falls, Ace Gap, Anthony Creek, Appalachian Trail, Beard Cane, Bote Mountain, Cades Cove Nature, Cane Creek, Cooper Road, Crib Gap, Crooked Arm Ridge, Finley Cane, Goldmine, Gregory Bald, Gregory Ridge, Hannah Mountain, Hatcher Mountain, Indian Grave Gap, Lead Cove, Little Bottoms, Rabbit Creek, Rich Mountain, Rich Mountain Loop, Russell Field, Schoolhouse Gap, Scott Mountain, Turkeypen Ridge, West Prong, Wet Bottom.

Trails in the Cosby & Greenbrier regions: Albright Grove, Appalachian Trail, Brushy Mountain, Camel Gap, Cosby Nature, Gabes Mountain, Grapeyard Ridge, Low Gap, Lower Mt Cammerer, Maddron Bald, Mt Cammerer, Old Settlers, Porters Creek, Ramsey Cascades, Snake Den Ridge.

Gray’s Arch in the Red River Gorge

A quiet afternoon hike visiting D. Boone Hut, Gray’s Arch, and Butterfly Hill. This short video adds an audio component that maybe helps a viewer appreciate the unique solitude.
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Woodland Art Fair!

It’s time of year when the morning glories bloom in full, locusts buzz softly with early sunsets, and the promise of drier, cooler days ahead stirs images of woodland travels. Come on down to the Woodland Art Fair this weekend to get some park trail maps and discuss our new projects. See you there, August 20-21. We’ll have lemonade, too!

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Archives of stuff

Visit our site from 2004

Visit our site from 2004


Archive from 2011

Just for fun, we have added portions of our site from the old days of 2004 and 2011. Much of the content is duplicated, but it shows the evolution If you want to go wayback, you need the wayback machine internet archive for our site. It should be noted that many links may be broken and contact forms will not work, since the emails have changed. If you need to contact us now, please use this link.

Town Branch Trail

A map of the 2.2 miles of trail, including the connector trails from surrounding neighborhoods. Visit Town Branch Trail ( to learn more about Lexington’s historic stream, Town Branch, and the greenway trail that is slowly building along it’s banks. [Read more…]

Sunset and moonrise

Photo during a night hike.

Bike Lex Map in draft

After a few grueling weeks of cartography, we have posted a draft of the new Bike Lex Map. The goal of this map is to help pedestrians and bikers enjoy the public spaces of central Lexington, Kentucky. The map should also help veteran bikers find new biking routes through the city and direct newbie bikers to good resources about biking in the city. Parents will also find the map helpful, because we have mapped many of the public parks and their paved paths. They can discover a new park to take their child’s first bike!

Proposed format: 26″ x 40″ printed map and companion website. Samples can be found here:

What does this map offer?

  • Alignments for the Legacy Trail, Town Branch Trail, and other shared-use trails.
  • Mountain biking trails in Veterans Park.
  • Bike lanes & shoulders, walking paths, unpaved foot & bike trails, and other paths & spaces pedestrians might enjoy.
  • Best routes for biking on Lexington streets.
  • University of Kentucky bike routes.

This guide is in the early stages of development. If you would like to contribute, please contact us with your opinions, suggestions, or requests.

Thanks and happy trails!

Archive of Webcam Animations

In the spring of 2009, I wrote a couple scripts to automate collecting webcam and visual satellite images of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and creating animations from them. Recently I put the archive of those animations online after a few requests. The archive also records the past 24-hour temperatures, precipitation, and snow depth for the day selected.

Questions like, when’s a good time to see fall colors, can be now be answered with a visual assessment from last year’s observations. Combare the days between October 10 and October 22, 2009, for a good answer. Between those days, the smokies received its first snowfall.

The archive can be found here:

Woodland Art Fair this weekend!

Come down to the Woodland Art Fair the is Saturday and Sunday and check out our new Great Smoky Mountains National Park map. Mention that you read this post on our News section and get $2 off any map purchase and a special gift. [Read more…]

Webcams for Great Smoky Mountains

After a few months of intermittent outage, the four webcams that cover the Great Smokies are all working. Now we can compare sky conditions on both sides of the mountain and also observe sunrise and sunset. The webcam animations also work, too!

You can view these webcams on our weather page:

ST North Terminus Log

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