Sheltowee Trace South Trail Map (includes Big South Fork)

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Explore the Sheltowee Trace, Daniel Boone National Forest, and Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Monumental sandstone cliffs are breached by tumbling waters and yield secluded, lonesome valleys. This map shows over 500 miles of official trails.

Updated September 2020


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SheltoweeTraceSouth_CoverTopographic trail map for miles 140-354 of the Sheltowee Trace. The Sheltowee Trace is a 354-mile long backcountry trail (2020 alignment) that spans the length of the Daniel Boone National Forest and connects the Big South Fork, Cumberland Falls, and Natural Bridge. It is Kentucky’s longest National Recreation Trail.

This map set shows the Sheltowee Trace from McKee, Kentucky to Burnt Mill Bridge in the Big South Fork. Official trails and recreation areas are shown for the southern half of the Daniel Boone NF and the Big South Fork NRRA.

Current news, weather, and online maps for the Sheltowee Trace, Big South Fork NRRA, and Daniel Boone NF.


  • Six-panel 27″ x 19″ full-color topographic maps with forest canopy cover
  • 1:31,680 scale, 1 inch to a half-mile
  • Map of official trails Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and of the Southern Daniel Boone National Forest.
  • Includes 50-ft elevation contours, park and forest boundaries, scenic areas, backcountry camps, and front country camp and recreation facilities.
  • Shows the Sheltowee Trace from McKee, Kentucky (mile 140) to Rugby (mile 354).
  • Mile markers for the Sheltowee Trace. Mileage begins at the Northern Terminus, which is covered in our Sheltowee Trace North 2014 map.
  • Official connecting trails are shown with mileage
  • Lamination available and carries in 4-mil zipper poly bag for durable use
The Sheltowee Trace South is a six-panel 27" x 19" map that includes the Big South Fork.

The Sheltowee Trace South is a six-panel 27″ x 19″ map that includes the Big South Fork.

Backcountry trails include the John Muir Trail, the Kentucky Trail, Twin Arches Loop, Litton & Blevins Farm Loops, Pilot Wines & Big Island Equestrian Loops, Hidden Passage Loop, Rock Creek Loop, Leatherwood Ford Loop, Grand Gap Loop, Blue Heron Loop and trails around the Charit Creek Lodge area, Yahoo Falls loop, Rockcastle and Scuttlehole Loop, Bee Rock and Rockcastle Narrows, and many more.

Scenic areas include Honey Creek Overlook, Angel Falls Overlook, Sunset Overlook, O&W Bridge, Bronco Overlook, John Muir Overlook, Fall Branch, No Business Creek, Litton and Blevins Farms, Van Hook Falls, Cumberland Falls, Sinking Creek Suspension Bridge, Hawk Creek Suspension Bridge, Blue Heron, and Laurel River Lake Dam.

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Trail photos from the Big South Fork

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  1. Keely Phelps (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful map of the trail that “saved” me numerous times from taking the wrong direction. The Sheltowee Trace is in an area where there are lots of fire service roads that look like trails and it can be quite confusing. Thanks for putting out such a wonderful resource for hikers!

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