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04 December 3-4: Rock Creek Loop at Big South Fork04 November 14: Bear Creek Loop, Split Bow Arch, Bear Creek OV, Big South Fork04 October 10-11: Great Meadows, Peters Mountain, John Muir OV, Rock Creek at Big South Fork04 October 17: Princess Falls, Lick Creek Falls, Kroger Arch, Sheltowee Trace, Yamacraw Bridge04 October 2 to 3: Station Camp, Big Island, John Muir, Indian Dome, Bronco OV at Big South Fork04 September 19: Blue Heron Loop, Devil's Jump, and Catawba Overlook, McCreary County, KY04 September 20: Late summer views from Auxier Ridge, Powell County, KY05 April 17-18: Beaver Creek Wilderness, Blue Heron05 August 13: Little & Pilot Wines & Hurricane Creek Trails05 August 6: Barren Fork & Railroad Fork05 January 30: Kentucky Trail, Big South Fork05 July 16: Turkey Foot, Resurgence Cave, War Fork, Arvel05 July 9: Cotton Patch Loop, Big South Fork05 June 11-12: Sheltowee Trace, Laurel County05 May 27-30: Sheltowee Trace, Big South Fork05 Nov 12: Upper Rock Creek, Pickett State Park, TN05 Nov 19: Big South Fork NRRA Trail Inventory05 Nov 27-28: Laurel Fork & Station Camp Creeks, Big South Fork05 November 3-4: Bandy Creek, Big South Fork NRRAApr 16: John Muir Trail, Big South ForkApr 29: Hidden Passage & Rock Creek Trails, Pickett SPApril 18-19: Big South Fork, Station Camp CreekAugust 26: Natural Arch Scenic Area, Daniel Boone NFBig South ForkBig South Fork Trail GuideBig South Fork, May 27-31, 2011Blue Heron, Big South ForkFeb 23-24: Charit Creek Lodge, Twin Arches, Big South ForkGoogle Trekker on the War ForkJan 14-15: Honey Creek Loop, John Muir Trail, Big South ForkJan 7, 2006: John Muir Trail, Big South ForkJohn Muir Trail and Litton FarmJuly 29: D. Boone Hut, Red River GorgeJuly 29: John Muir Trail, Big South ForkJuly 30: Troublesome and Difficulty Creeks, Big South ForkJune 16-17: Laurel Fork Creek, Pilot-Wines, Big South ForkJune 30-July 1: John Muir Trail, Grand Gap Loop, Big South ForkJune 4: Big South Fork, Kentucky Trail & Gorge OverlooksLong hike and overnight camp during moon rise in Red River GorgeMar 18-19: Yahoo Falls Scenic Area, Big South ForkMar 20: Blue Heron Loop, Catawba Overlook, Big South ForkMar 24-26: Sheltowee Trace & John Muir Trail, Big South ForkMartins Fork, Red River GorgeMay 2-3: Deep Creek & Bradley Fork, Great Smoky MountainsMay 8: D. Boone Hut & Martin's Fork, Red River GorgeOct 14-15: Litton & Blevins Farms, Charit Creek Lodge, Big South ForkOct 27: Blue Heron, Big South ForkSep 3: Leatherwood Ford and John Muir Trail, Big South ForkSeptember 10: Martin's Fork, Red River GorgeSeptember 2-3: Southern John Muir Trail, Big South ForkSummer Streams, Big South Fork NRRAThe new Sheltowee Trace and John Muir Trail, Big South ForkWeekend in the Great Smokies