Tater Knob Trail – Pioneer Weapons

Tater Knob Fire Tower stairs

Sheltowee Trace North Trail Map: $26

This is an essential Cave Run Lake experience: hiking to the top of Tater Knob. You can’t say you’ve ‘done’ Cave Run, unless you’ve watched the sunset from this last-standing fire tower in the Daniel Boone national forest. Built in 1934, the tower was decommissioned in the 1970’s when aircraft replaced fixed observation points.

The tower was restored 1993 and today is on the National Register of Historic Places. The area has an interpretive trail that explains how fire towers were used as a network to triangulate fires. Most visitors admire the scenery from the tower, which is especially nice tower Chestnut Cliffs; however, there’s a secluded cliffline perch just northeast of the tower’s base. The tower parking area is centrally located in Pioneer Weapons to complete a figure-8 loop among the 20+ miles of trail between the Lake and Glady Trailhead.


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