Swift Camp Creek Trail

Hiker Red River Gorge Backpacking Map
Distance: 7.8 Miles one-way
Difficulty: +++
Scenic Views: +++
Elevation Relief: 500ft ^
Ownership: Daniel Boone National Forest, USFS

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The best trail in the Clifty Wilderness Area. Starting at Rock Bridge trailhead and hiking down Swift Camp Creek as it cuts a steep, narrow gorge, you’ll experience the least-visited area in the Red River Gorge. Trail often skirts cliff edges and side trails wind down to the creek and cool water in the summer heat. Nice campsites exist near Pooch’s Turtle Falls, Don Juan’s Garden, and Steamboat Rock.
Swift Camp Creek Trail

Scenic areas you’ll visit are Hell’s Kitchen (a narrow slot canyon), Mossy Rocks, Pooch’s Turtle Falls and the side trail to Turtle Arch, Tofu Rock, Sausage Wall (a huge, plump rack of rock), Purgatory Bend (a frustrating bend in the creek), Don Juan’s Garden (a most romantic area), and Steamboat Rock (recall the days of old below this slab of rock in the creek).

Rhodo in LightTwo hiking loops cap the ends of this trail and provide access to ridgetop parking. Wildcat Creek trail is a 7-mile loop (including a mile-long road walk) and connects Steamboat Rock with the Rough & Swift Camp Creek trails. Rock Bridge Loop is a 1.5-mile loop that passes the only arch across a major stream and nearby Creation Falls, a pleasant, petite waterfall.

Camping considerations: This is a fee area. Visitors leaving cars overnight will need to purchase a pass at local businesses and outdoor shops. Camping in rockshelters is prohibited forest-wide. You can camp away from the arch, rockshelters, streams, and trails. You will need to observe the USFS backcountry camping rules.

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