Great Meadows Campground

Hiker Sheltowee Trace South map
Size: Small
Fee: Yes
Accommodations: 15 sites
Amenities: Vault toilets, drinking water, horseshoe pits
Open all year
Ownership: National Forest Service, DBNF

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Fishing Rock Creek

Great Meadows camp sits along the banks of Rock Creek, a Kentucky designated Wild River and is stocked with fish almost monthly. A short hike along the Sheltowee Trace takes one to Hemlock Grove, a stately picnic area. The campground can serve as a point of entry for the John Muir Trail and the old homesteads found along the tributaries of the Big South Fork.

Neighboring Hemlock Grove picnic area
Old farm site in the Big South Fork
Enlarge map


  1. I love this place

  2. all us kids came here and camp with are daddy and uncle’s. Been come here for 55 years or more now all my kids come here my son would cry when we had to leave and come home when he was little it still had that feeling when u pull up

  3. I love it here it all ways the same when u come back ill am61 year old it looks the. The same as it did 55 years latet

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